Thursday, December 30, 2010

M for 2010...

Here's to 2011 everyone!  May all your dreams come true.  Thanks for visiting this blog and taking an interest in my photography journey.  My hope is to take some photography courses early next year and become infinitely better with my camera. 

It's going to be a great year next year!  A game changer.  Make it count, guys! 

M for Rue Cambon

Paris Mon Amour

And if you look carefully, you might even be able to see TomKat!  evs....


Christmas, 2010

F1, Singapore

Chinese New Year, 2010

Flowers, Candles, Tree tops and an Infinity Pool, Bali


Farmer, Bali, early 2010

Plantation, Bali

Love & Marriage, Bali

La Belle, Singapore

Compass, Bali

Shadows on the 8th, Singapore

M's Birthday, 2010

Night Photographers, Paris

Humanity, Japan

Rear Windows, Hong Kong

Ghost Rider, Singapore

Perspective, Hong Kong

Milestone Birthday

Lines, Tokyo

Monday, December 20, 2010

M for the great Aussie blue sky

Harbour Bridge @ dusk

One day soon, I will climb this bridge since I have spent countless moments looking at this iconic piece of engineering from the ground. First, with naked eyes to eyes behind the camera lens (I took this photo a few weeks ago at 7 pm), to eyes behind the windshield of a car driving through this bridge...all at different periods of the day, over the years, as a former resident, and now occasional visitor.

I figure... This bridge needs to be climbed soon, since that is possibly one of the last angles to "conquer".  Let's hope I can bring a camera up. Doubt it.

Side profile of Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is reminiscent of sails and shells and up close is much more impressive as an adult than as a child.  I took this photo, with my back bend over backwards at 45 degrees angle, but flat against a sun-warmed tiled bench designed to allow people the world over to admire this famous Australian landmark (that happens to be in Sydney;-)).

It's not a common angle this side profile, which is why I may prefer this composition over other shots I took. 

Sydney Harbour Bridge @ night

Without a tripod, I doubt if this photo could have turned out as sharp as this. And while not "tack sharp", it's a pleasing pic for me. I took this photo on the promenade flanked on one side by some small boats on water near the ferry terminals, and on the other side, by a row of steak and pasta places, punctuated with Aussie style fusion eateries that on this particular night was swarming with tourists.  

This was my first night time photoshoot with a tripod.  That the Harbour Bridge was my subject speaks volumes of my affection for my home country

Sydney Opera House

At last, I have shot the Sydney Opera House and with better photoshop skills, this pic could have been made to jump out, given the contrast of this famous white structure against the almost as famous big Aussie blue sky.  Indeed, it is the big blue sky Down Under that is always one of the things I say I miss, when prompted what I like about Australia and why it will always remain a special place to me. 

Bella Butterfly

I think this shot would have been a much better one had I got my metering right...that is... I should have had her sweet face focused first and foremost. Still, I like the spirit of this spontaneous moment enough to post it here.

Cheeky ballerinas

I went to a ballet recital recently and managed to get into backstage at the end to take a few pics, thanks to a family friend. What striked me about this photo taking session,  and seeing the same group of girls on stage earlier is the huge divide in the ballet world between performance (fantasty world created) and reality off stage.  In short, the girls were a picture of grace and poise moments before, but take them off stage and they are any awkward teenagers, grappling with over excited hormones and changing body shapes and condition, despite depicting perfect postures and dance's elegance. Surreal :)

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas