Friday, November 26, 2010

Bubble Boy

This is called a wolf ball if I recall correctly, where a person steps inside a deflated balloon, the balloon is then zipped up and the air is blown into the bubble, then rolled into the water. Kinda cool.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ship Ahoy

Lone Autumn leaf a floatin'


This angle was of interest to me because of the number of edges and straight lines that I can see in one frame.

This Mortal Coil

These pics got quite a few views on my Flickr account.  Chuffed.

Summer time fun

Definitely, one of my better pics from the weekend's batch. It's not tack sharp but it captured the carefree vibe of summer time very well. I heart long summer days... when it is not too hot, and there's a slight breeze in the air. The running girl in this photo just happened to be roaming on the boat next to us,  and I had my camera, lens cap off, and raised it just in time to snap the image for the eternal.


This is actually a cross section of the swimming pool, with one of the long sides of the pool made out of a thick sheet of glass (measuring 30 metres long).  It's a great feature, and on camera it looks like you are standing inside the pool.

Red Rider

On a marina full of white boats mooring, this red candy coloured baby stood out.

A vain anchor

It's actually a bit of a challenge to find a focus point when it comes to shooting pics of water.  I was therefore very happy to have captured a shot interesting enough to not hit the delete button.  What I like most of all are the colours in this image.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I stumbled upon this skelator of a machinery behind the Boh Tea Plantation in Malaysia.  It was a section of a bigger machine and the rust on it was the kind that had history. The factory was pretty much shut off to the public, but I noticed that there was window that provided a peek into the room where this machine was positioned. Wading through some serious grass, I got to the said window, thrust in my lens like I was entitled to, and snapped several shots.  Have to confess I felt like such an edgy and intrepid photographer of the world, being so bold and brazen to get my desired shots in the camera. :) I took this image with a 50 mm macro lens.  

At the tea plantation

No idea what Sirocco stands for, but this container measuring 5 feet tall with this lettering stamped on it,  reminded me of a pair of chucks (Converse shoes) I saw recently and admired, the one that has a vanilla coloured canvas with red trimmings.  For the record, I am a fan of Converse shoes and will take a second look at anyone who wears them, especially from the X and Baby Boomers generations. It takes a certain personaility I think to pull them off. 

Raise the red lantern

This lamp stood alone on a baby grand piano at a certain rustic bed and breakfast hotel inn we stayed at on a recent road trip to Malaysia.  At first glance, it was a rather insipid looking lamp, but then I saw photoshop potential. :)

M for Road trips

Believe it or not, but this is actually a self portrait taken from the car's rear vision mirror.  Yes, Cirque du Soleil should be calling me any minute now... I know.  For a heavy camera, it's never gonna be as tack sharp as it should be, despite my dexterous 'talent'.  

Tudor style, Cameron Highlands

But soft!  What light through yonder window breaks
It is the east and Juliet is the sun. 
Arise, fair sun and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief,
That thou her maid art far more fair than she...

Bus yellow

This bus came upon me so suddenly that I shot this photo while still walking. Surprised it turned out half way decent. The contrasts between the yellow bus and the shades of green in this pic are endearing to me.  So it made the cut.

Branch embracing wind

A couple of my friends said they liked this shot on Facebook.  In reflection, am quite thrilled that the curve of the branch seems to follow very snuggly the line of the hill as it dips into the valley and up again.  Purely coincidental.   

Sunrise in a flower

Was told by the guy who sold me my Canon camera that this shot was just okay... His advice? I should have focused on the flower,  then pull it aside to frame the subject off centre, so the flower is not smack bang in the middle like a pinned butterfly on a collector's board.  Fair point... but that was what I thought I did.  I hate that centre of the flower is not crisp enough though.

Colourful wares

This shop was a wide one and the goods were all like this, and my memory of taking this photo was crap, where the hell do I focus?!?!   I was also in a car driving at 30 km/per hour.

Billy the kid

My first animal shot on the Canon.  I was rather pleased with the sharpness of this pic. To also have caught this silly goat with a blade of grass in its mouth provided me with some comic relief much needed at the time. However, I found this goat to be a little arrogant though. And yes, he won the staring competition.

Black & white tiles

Had dinner and breakfast in this restaurant. Was enamoured with the candle sticks and the black and white tiles. 

Yesteryear charms

It is what it is. 3 plates on a wall.  Caught my eye. 

Tractor blue

Prayer flags

Was surprised to see prayer flags in the hills of Cameron Highlands. That's because I have seen so many of them in Tibet instead, not personally... but from friends photo albums who have travelled there.  One day.

Pink beauty

Water tank for tea

M for Cameron Highlands, Malaysia 2010

London calling, but in Malaysia

Spine of a roof and Tinkerbell flowers

Still water

Hillside conversations, Cameron Highlands

Pretty, poetry inspired garden

I could sit here in this chair and daydream all day. 

Quick Silver

Red and yellow

Bark and texture

Pathway to tea plantation, Cameron Highlands

Young gardener, Cameron Highlands

Strawberry plantation pots, Malaysia

On the road, Cameron Highlands

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My love affair with Macro

Okay... so it's a macro lens captured shot of a jam jar...But ask me the story behind this shot and I bet you I can glamourize it above and beyond what you might expect... especially, given that this was my first contact with such a sexy type of lens.

For a start the macro is all about the big picture stuff,  yet still being able to illuminate the finer details up close and personal.  For those of us who like to see what enlarged fonts may look like through a camera lens or see a flower from an ant's point of view, then this lens is for you.  Like it is for me.  Oh, and this jam jar is not so ordinary... it was at least a well travelled one, being part of my breakfast on the Paris bound...Eurostar.

Night and Day

Practicing my zoom lens here... Shot these on a Canon 350D body, 18 - 55 mm lens. In retrospect, I should have put a coin or a match stick next to this doll, for if there's a few things I learnt from Scott Kelby's book, it's to show size by giving context to every day objects.

For the record this doll measures a petite person's forefinger length, not exactly precise but you get the idea.  She sits on my writing desk at home, as a reminder of my former colleagues who gave it to me atop an Air Supply CD (another cheeky present! :) for my birthday a few moons ago. Now, why this doll, when it could have been say... an Edward Cullen doll for example, maybe?.... I have no idea :)...perhaps because I was so into running in those days... and was on and on about fitness... Alas, not anymore!