Friday, October 22, 2010

The most photographed city in the world?

It would have to be Paris.

Normally, I can put away my camera after a few shots in a foreign city, but even on the third day in this metropolis, I would still find myself walking around with my camera lens cap permanently off, ready to snap at anything beautiful or unique, any second of the clock, around any bend.

Paris, said a friend of mine, was built for the world to visit.  So, you got to give it to the French for playing permanent global host with an even keel, often with grace, humour... and not losing it with so many tourists invading their city!;)

If you look carefully at the above photo, you will see there's about four photos being taken at the exact same time, my photo being the fourth capturing the three.:)

There is definitely a profound connection between Paris and photography.


  1. I really like this!!! The light is awesome; the composition, angles and contrasting textures are wonderful - from the fair isle on the girl's sweater in the foreground to the gilt effect on the building facade. You could bind these pix into a beautiful photo book ....

  2. Aw.. thanks Debra! Means a lot to me your comment. One of my favourite pics too from hundreds I took around the Louvre. Great idea about making a photo book. There's a few on the market, if you have a prefered program or service you use to make photo books, let me know. Big thanks!